Hounds F4R Heroes Event Raises Funds for Veterans

The 4th Annual Hounds F4R Heroes was held on April 26-28, 2019 at the National Beagle Club at Institute Farm in Aldie, VA. Twenty packs of beagles and bassets participated. Boulder Crest Retreat in Bluemont, VA has been the cause this organization has supported for the past four years. The retreat is for our veterans and their families who are recovering from PTSD. The two-day event combines field trials, bench shows, and welcoming social events for competitors and spectators.

Western States Joint Meet Features Fantastic Nevada Hunting

Nevada’s spectacular western terrain provided a striking backdrop for all who traveled far to share in the adventure of the April 2nd-7th Western States Joint Meet, hosted by Lynn Lloyd and Angela Murray at Ross Creek Ranch near Reno. Over 80 huntsmen, riders, family, friends, and photographers representing 11 hunts and the MFHA shared five days of warm western hospitality while bonding over some hot Nevada-style hunting.

Marlborough Tops a Keen Field at Wicomico PMD Performance Trials

An abundance of fox was a key ingredient for the best Penn-Marydel Hound Performance Trial yet, held March 8-10th, 2019 in Wicomico Hunt’s Eastern Shore of Maryland. This was the second year Wicomico has hosted a Hound Performance Trial, showcasing the Penn-Marydel hound, which has its origins in the Pennsylvania-Maryland-Delaware area. Fred Berry, MFH of Sedgefield Hunt (NC), a renowned performance trial judge wore his usual chief judge hat, with his wife Elaine Berry and  fellow Sedgefield Master Jan Sorrells.

Rolling Rock's Choby Marks His 350th Meet

I was 53 years young when I began to foxhunt in November 2002, when I first capped with the Rolling Rock Hunt (PA). It was the beginning of my third childhood so to speak. My two daughters were off to college and I wasn't quite ready to make a bucket list. I had taken some riding lessons when I was in graduate school at Virginia Tech, so I knew the basics. I had been an avid bicycler, so balance wasn't a problem, but hanging on over the rivers and through the woods reminded me that the earth can rise up to smite you.

"Great Tales Will Be Told Tonight:" Baily's New Anthology Delights

Since 1897, Baily's Hunting Directory has maintained a comprehensive listing of packs of hounds of all types. The publisher has more recently added helpful articles, anecdotes, and galleries, and produced a printed collection of sketches in 1997, Great Days. Demand for another anthology of stories from the field - some dramatic, some comedic, some bittersweet - encouraged this summer's Great Days Two, a delightful volume of short, easily-read and relatable vignettes. Enjoy these excerpts shared by kind permission of publishers Peter and Dr. Helen Brook.

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